The Harlequin

  • Duration: 1:10
  • Intermissions: Without intermissions
  • Age category: 12+
  • In the repertoire

The performance by French director Thomas Jolly is based on the classic French drama - Pierre Marivaux's play 'Harlequin's Lesson of Love'. In the story of how Harlequin escapes from the insidious Fairy overcoming a lot of dangers and falls in love with a young Shepherdess coming across the love that knows no boundaries, the methods of the French theatre are connected to the commedia dell'arte. An unexpected finale literally turns everything 'upside down' - but the main winner in this fight is still the holiday atmosphere of the street theatre able to transform everything around.




Author Pierre Marivaux
Director Thomas Jolly


FairyIrina Vibornova
Trivelin / servant of FairyAndrey Rebenkov
Harlequin / young man / stolen by a FairyRinal Mukhametov
Sylvia / shepherdessRita Kron
Herdsman / in love with Sylvia / servant of Fairy Sergey Galakhov
Musician / servant of Fairy Roman Shmakov