An Ordinary Story

  • Duration: 2:40
  • Intermissions: 1
  • Age category: 16+
  • In the repertoire
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The young and enthusiastic Alexander Aduev arrives in the capital from province ready to conquer the world. Very soon though, all his ideals are trampled, and he repeats the fate of his practical and dispassionate Uncle Peter. What this story would have turned into in the XXI century? What kind of person would Aduev be today? What has changed in the Russian life during the last 150 years?


Author Ivan Goncharov
Director Kirill Serebrennikov
Lighting designer Igor Kapustin
Assistant costume designer Maksim Nazarov
Video designer Ilya Shagalov
Singing teacher Arina Zvereva


Sasha AduevFilipp Avdeev
Petr Ivanovich AduevAleksey Agranovich
Sasha's mother / Maria Mikhailovna LubetskayaSvetlana Bragarnik Anna Gilyarenko
Yulia TafaevaOlga Naumenko
Nadya LubetskayaYana Irteneva Aleksandra Revenko
Victor / KnyazIvan Fominov
Vasiliy / Earl / Man in a suitEvgeniy Haritonov
Musician / Doctor / Man in a suitAndrey Poliakov