• Age category: 16+
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authors‘ word 

Neurasthenia is a painful disorder, a kind of intermediate space, a room from which you emerge either ill or in a state of health. It is also an unconquerable urge of an action. We are interested in applying this dialogue of the human being with himself to dancers’ bodies to understand how to leave this state if not renewed then at least changed. Neurasthenia is not a diagnosis for us but a system of corporal reactions to actuality from many unexpected sides. Through corporeality we are interested in exploring human reactions to feelings that do not depend on social status, appearance or sex.
synopses Disorder of perception can appear with Neurasthenia. For example the so called idiosyncrasy to sounds. In this state people are absolutely not able to endure some sounds. For example street noise, clock ticking or scratching and squeaking sounds.

Neurasthenia in some people can cause a sensation of wanting to scratch their private parts at the exact moment they are surrounded by a large group of people. That’s to say there and then, when it is forbidden.

Some people cannot stand certain kinds of underwear or touching certain fabrics, etc. Neurasthenia can be characterized as an unconquerable desire to fulfill an action. No matter the nature of this action - ridiculous or insignificant, aggressive or shameful – it is always meaningless.

Sometimes people with Neurasthenia feel a strong need to commit a very shameful or aggressive act, for example to take off their clothes in a theatre or to hit their interlocutor during an official meeting. It is worth noting that people with Neurasthenia never carry out these kinds of actions but they suffer from a fear of doing them.

Exposing both dancers and audience to conditions of exposure we demonstrate that this disorder can occur not only to a particular type of person but to anyone. In our play melancholia, neurasthenia or hypochondria becomes a very real possibility for everyone.


Ivan Estegneev,

Tatyana Karavanova,

Maria Kachalkova,

Evgeny Kulagin,

Ilya Oshi

Creative team

Choreography: Ivan Estegneev, Evgeny Kulagin

Dramaturgy: Ekaterina Bondarenko

Music: David Monceau

Scene designer: Vanya Bowden

Lighting: Natalia Kuznetsova