The Sea of Trees

  • Duration: 1:20
  • Intermissions: Without intermissions
  • Age category: 12+
  • In the repertoire
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“After all this, the Moon is the only way for me to go. – Let’s not lose time then! Although, why not, let’s lose a little. Now let’s get going. It’s just that these grown-up lines …“not lose time” … What does it mean? As if someone ever managed to find time. – If you find time for something, you definitely lose time for something else. It’s the law of spatial thinking. – I want to break the law”. The young characters of “The sea of Trees” are able to change appearances: 14-year old Lora-Lolly can turn into a wise chief of Indians; Anton can become a guest from the Medieval France, and 12-year-old Lars can become a true pirate. Within this beautiful and furious world, there is a program called “The first child in space”, where cowboys compete with Indians on a backyard, and one could meet a zombie on the way from school. The desperate, joyful, endless game captivates the heroes as well as the potential audience, modern boys and girls. Lyuba Strizhak wrote “The sea of Trees” specially for Gogol Center in 2014, when the theatre offered the playwrights, who participated in the #fourplays project, to write their dream play. This particular dream is about childhood that does not the end. The production will be staged by Philip Avdeyev. His debut work was last year’s “Iolanta”, created on the Gogol center Small Stage in collaboration with Alexander Gorchilin and Igor Bychkov. “The sea of Trees” is Avdeyev’s first independent work as stage director.


Author Lyuba Strizhak
Director Filipp Avdeev