Mitya's love

  • Duration: 1:20
  • Intermissions: Without intermissions
  • Age category: 16+
  • In the repertoire

After a short novel by Ivan Bunin

"He saw Katya in a new light too: who is she, what is she now? And love, passion, spirit, body? What is that? All this does not exist! There is something else, which is completely different!"

Ivan Bunin, "Mitya's love"
The "Mitya's love" is the first Russian-language performance of a young Latvian director Vladislav Nastavshev. Nastavshev makes the actors exist in the unbearable conditions – they play the whole performance without setting their foot on a floor. The only footholds for them are steel dowels sticking from the wall.
For Mitya, the main hero of the novel by Bunin, his love becomes a kind of featheriness, and life turns into a constant flight. He sees his beloved girl Katya in every person, and so all the other characters are played by the same actress. She is his air, his forest and all other characters. There is no more air left for anything else in the Mitya’s world.
The love story of a young man and an amateur actress is beyond space and time, everyday life elements are replaced by emotional ones and the set design reminds one of a disillusioned young soul, rushing about between sky and earth.


Author Ivan Bunin
Director Vladislav Nastavshev
Composer Vladislav Nastavshev

Constructions and technologies: Ruslan Nekrasov
Props: Anna Valova, Maxim Parkhomenko
Lighting design: Igor Gorelikov
Sound: Athur Gabrielyan
Executive producer: Suzanna Akezheva