Kharms. Myr

  • Duration: 1:40
  • Intermissions: Without intermissions
  • Age category: 16+
  • In the repertoire

The performance based on the works of the legendary OBERIUt Daniil Kharms staged by the young director from St. Petersburg, nominee of the Theatre Award 'Golden Mask' Maxim Didenko. On the big stage of Gogol Center you will see a complex and large-scale production with live music and lots of actors involved. One of the characteristic features of Didenko's works is the etude method of acting and directing. The play os created by the director together with the actors , who become equal co-authors here.  


Author Daniil Kharms
Director Maksim Didenko
Video designer Ilya Shagalov


Professor Trubochkin (Tartarellin)Andrey Bolsunov
Giant Sofron BobovMaria Poezshaeva Maria Selezneva
Andrei Semenovich RakukinMikhail Troynik
Petr Pavlovich PakinRinal Mukhametov
Aleksey AlekseevichEvgeniy Haritonov
EditorIlya Romashko
Artist TutinAleksandr Gorchilin
Writer KolpakovArtem Shevchenko
CourierNikita Kukushkin
Courier Georgiy Kudrenko
CorrectorIgor Bychkov
Topographer Petrov Filipp Avdeev
EchoYang Ge