Iolanta / opus

  • Duration: 1:00
  • Age category: 16+
  • In the repertoire

Based on works by Tchaikovsky, Schnittke, Poulenc, Puccini.

For what reason are my eyes given to me?
To cry...
What does it mean to see?
What is light?

The story of a blind princess, from whom the blindness is concealed from the moment of the birth, formed the basis of the last, and one of the most famous, operas by Tchaikovsky. Iolanta lives in the blissful ignorance of the visible side of the world until love comes into her life. The new feeling makes her believe that she can be aware of something other than music, scents and touches. To be fully healed she just needs to sincerely wish to see. But how do you wish for that which you don’t know and are accustomed to deny?

Gogol’s Center Iolanta is a directorial debut of the actors from the Seventh Studio of Phillip Avdeev, Igor Bychkov and Alexander Gorchilin. In this musical performance they use not only the music of Tchaikovsky, but also the works of Puccini, Poulenc and Schnittke, while the typical story of the path to catharsis is the starting point of the discussion about the inner blindness.

Svetlana Mamresheva plays the main role. She is led by three directors who explore how the fears and doubts prevent one to admit the unpleasant truth about oneself, to see life in its entirety and make a step towards the happiness.

"It's like a step into the abyss. It’s scary to risk, scary to give-up habits, scary that everything will change forever. And yet the escape from reality is not possible anymore. This performance is the attempt to express ourselves about some of the most intimate and interesting matters."

Musical director / piano: Andrei Polyakov
Playwright: Lyubov Strizhak
Light: Lena Perelman
Sound: Philip Karetsos
Video: Alan Mandelstam
Costumes: Polina Grechko
Assistant Director: Anastasia Uvarkova


Svetlana Mamresheva
Alexander Gorchilin
Igor Bychkov / Evgeniy Sangadzhiev
Filipp Avdeev / Ivan Mulin
Andrei Polyakov