The Idiots

  • Duration: 2:40
  • Intermissions: Without intermissions
  • Age category: 18+
  • In the repertoire

A play by Valery Pecheikin based on a film by Lars von Trier
Uniting in a commune, opening a blissful and free “inner idiot” in themselves, the heroes of Trier go to the streets of Denmark and meet the squeamish bourgeois. The characters of “The Idiots” feel themselves “here” and “there” at the same time, existing at the crossroad of different worlds. The political power and the opposition, sex and love, the left-wing and the right-wing, cynicism and grief.

Alena Karas, Russian newspaper

Kirill Serebrennikov’s production “The Idiots” based on Lars von Trier’s film of the same name is a part of Gogol Center’s trilogy based on the famous European films, together with “The Brothers” by Alexey Mizgirev (based on “Rocco and his Brothers” by Luchino Visconti) and "Fear" by Vladislav Nastavshev (made after "Fear eats the soul" by Reiner Werner Fassbinder).

Trier’s characters live in a commune where they help each other to find their “inner idiot” – a state of innocent beatitude. They discover the “generous vein of idiocy” which feed them with love and joy. Having found the “idiot”, they take it out to introduce him the world. The citizens of the “civilized society” are a bit scared but remain surprisingly patient. Even if they have an aversion for the “alternatively developed”, they treat them with squeamish politeness. The mechanically tolerant Danish people disgust Trier's characters – however, finally they turn out to be the winners and society survives the assault of the idiots.
Serebrennikov’s play takes place in modern-day Moscow. The authors did not transfer the plot word for word. Another mentality, attitude toward the “Other”, political and social context all caused a rethinking of the original story. The play was created during rehearsals: the playwright Valery Pecheikin with the creative team sought every day life situations in Moscow in which he could place the “new innocents”. The play balances on the edge between the documentary method in the spirit of the Dogma 95 manifesto and its free variation. Improvisation plays a very important part in this work. Actors as well as playwright answer the question: who is he – “the idiot of our time”? 




Director Kirill Serebrennikov
Playwright Valery Pecheikin
Costume designer Kirill Serebrennikov

Choreography: Alevtina Rudina
Lighting: Igor Kapustin, Sergey Kucher 
Stage-manager: Ekaterina Kostiukova


The cast actors of "Theater of Simple" (art. Director - Igor Neupokoev):
Sergey Makarov, Vladislav Sanotsky, Victor Bodunov, Vera Koloskova, Svetlana Asanova, Victoria Karazeeva