Kukangendai band

  • Age category: 12+

kukangendai is a Japanese band, that takes part in performance Fatzer by Chiten theatre, to be presented at Gogol-center in September. A special event of the theatre tour will be the premiere concert by its musicians in Russia.

kukangendai band was created in 2006 by Dzyunei Noguchi (guitar, vocal), Keisuke Koiano (bass guitar) and Hideaki Yamadoi (drums). Their three-part pieces are built with the copying approach, repetitions and intended mistakes. Apart from the concerts in Tokyo, the band works a lot with the leading artists of various genres, including a famous rapper ECD, iconic musician, director and artist Norimizu Ameya and dance company Kakuya Ohashi and Dancers.

In 2013 the band made their debut on stage of the drama theatre in performance Fatzer by Chiten theatre.