Chten Theatre (Japan). Fatzer

Chten Theatre (Japan). Fatzer
Chten Theatre (Japan). Fatzer
  • Age category: 16+

The tour is supported by the Ministry of Culture in Japan (International Exchange Program in Arts Sphere, 2014)

Japanese theatre Chiten presents the performance based on the unfinished play by Bertolt Brecht Downfall of the Egotist Johann Fatzer on stage of Gogol-center, that is premiered in Russia. The play tells about the soldiers, who deserted during World War I. They run away from the military front and find shelter in German town Mülheim waiting for the revolution. The performance by the artistic director of the theatre Motoi Miura, where famous Japanese band kukangendai takes part, is created with the complicated interplay of music, voice and sounds.

About Downfall of the Egotist Johann Fatzer

During the time of World War I, devoid of all notions of morality, in Mülheim-upon-Ruhr, the story of the four men unfolds and ends up with a complete fiasco. Their trip has started with a mistake made by individualist Fatzer, who thought they were able to finish the war on their own.

They were considered to be dead, but in 1918 they secretly appeared in Mülheim, where one of them had a room in the basement of a building. They were being under constant threat, that they were going to be found and shot away as deserters. They could merely find any means for existence, especially that there were four of them. But they decided not to lose their heart at any rate. Their only hope was a popular uprising, that would have terminated the war, and all the deserters would be justified.

About theatre Chiten

Theatre Chiten strives to interpret various drama texts, creating lively emotional theatre, where words, light, sound, scenography and the human body merge into one holistic entity. One of the main Chiten’s characteristic features is its constant caring attitude to the dramatic text: this is a usual case when a director is also a playwright in the contemporary Japanese theatre, whereas in Chiten the director just stages the piece, trying to be loyal to the author’s style to the highest extent.

The theatre’s artistic director Motoi Miura was born in 1973. He graduated from Drama school Toho Gakuen. In1996 he started his career in the theatre companies Seinendan and Comaba Agora in Kyoto. From 1999 to 2001 he studied and worked in Paris supported by the grant from the Japanese cultural agency as a director and art-manager(Theatre Gerard Philipp, National Drama Center of Saint-Denis, National Theatre Le Quartz-Scene).

In 2001 Miura came back to Japan and started his collaboration with theatre Chiten. Не was one of the first young Japanese directors, who started staging new European plays in their motherland, and integrate traditional Japanese theatre into the world context.

In 2013 Chiten’s performance Coriolan after William Shakespeare’s play was presented at Gogol-center.


Satoko Abe

Dai Ishida

Koji Okawara

Sie Kubota

Saki Kouno

Yuhei Kobayasi

Duration:65 minutes without intermission  

Creative team

Music: kukangendai

Director: Motoi Miura

Costumes designer: Keiko Domoto

Stage design director: Nobuaki Osika

Producer: Yuna Tajima

Coordinator: Naoko Matsukawa