Latvian National Drama Theatre. Woyzeck

  • Age category: 18+

The most quiet and focused performance by Serebrennikov. The director not for a second forgets about Woyzeck, whose part, performed by Gunduras Grasbergs,  is worth describing separately. A burly clean-shaven fellow, he exists hunched up not to scare the gallerist and the other museum trifle. He does not walk, but runs, heavily bent forward, about to fall. And then suddenly he falls asleep – right on the floor, curled up like a dog. Or like a trustful child, who is lost among two-faced adults. Oddity is added by the psychedelic music by Jekabs Nimanis, enveloping the stage as puffs of smoke. This is not immediately that you realize that everything that happens is a short circuit, accompanied by an infernal roar; strange flashes, maddening dances, mocking allusions are the part of an experiment that is made with an innocent creature by the inveterate aesthetes.


Alla Shenderova, ‘Kommersant’

Woyzeck is one of the most famous and mysterious plays in in the history of the world dramaturgy. While written in the 19th century, it is quite possible to trace features of Expressionism and the Theatre of the Absurd in it. The dramatic action takes place in the military environment – the mean Captain is taking the piss out of Woyzeck, his wife Maria is cheating on him. Woyzeck is ‘the little man’ who becomes a plaything in the hands of the powerful.

In Serbrennikov’s performance Woyzeck enters nowadays and turns out to be an unskilled laborer in the modern arts gallery. The subject of the exhibition curated by the Captain is ‘Who is a human?’ and the artists are researching the limits of the human potentials. Woyzeck becomes an obedient instrument in their hands, and it costs nothing to them to turn a living person into an object of the installation. This one-act show performed to the psychedelic music by performer and multi-instrumentalist Jacob Nimanis is experimental in form and polyphonic in content.

Woyzeck is the second collaboration of Kirill Serebrennikov with the Latvian National Theatre. The performance won the main Latvian theatre award ‘Night of the Players’ in two categories ‘Best Director of the Year’ and ‘Best Scenographer of the Year’.

‘The production is set in the modern arts gallery; therefore the action acquires not only social, but also an artistic accent. I would like to get away from the usual social context and return to it in another aspect. I'm interested in exactly what is happening in a person. This is a complicated question who would Woyzeck be today.

Who is he and where is he?’

Kirill Serebrennikov, director



Gundars Grasbergs


Daiga Kozocina


Madara Saldovere


Uldis Dumpis

Mr. K.

Ivars Puga


Artuss Kaiminsh


Artur Kruzkops


Liga Liepinya


Yanis Vimba

Kapellmeisters / Kids

Kaspars Dumburs,

Romans Bagrais,

Yury Diakonov


Jekabs Nimanis

Продолжительность спектакля: 1 час 50 минут без антракта

Creative team

Director, production designer, costume designer: Kirill Serebrennikov

Assistant director, video design: Ilya Shagalov

Lighting design: Igor Kapustin

Composer: Jekabs Nimanis

Light: Oscars Paulinsh

Sound: Gints Rutks

Producer: Ilona Matveeva