• Duration: 1:20
  • Intermissions: Without intermissions
  • Age category: 18+
  • In the repertoire

Fairies is one of the shows by Studio Seven, that gained love and fame among the audience; staged by French director David Bobe as a part of the project French theatre. First time in Russian, in the new season it is back on stage.

Fairies is a monologue of the generation of twentysomething. About time, about themselves, about their dreams and problems, about politics, about love and about the lack of the human warmth. The characters of the play are young men and girls, who have become adults, looking for their place in this world, too soon. They fall in love and split up, go deep into philosophic conversations, see dreams at night and try to understand the purpose of their lives.  

The performance is set in a bathroom flooded with water. Each person’s private space where he becomes himself and sees his reflection in the mirror. The moment, when his consciousness spills out and all the thoughts, desires, feelings float with the eternal flow.

Fairies is the performance about the questions that, eventually, arise in front each of us.

Fairies is the noise of time, caught at its flow, the multitude of voices, which merge into a complex and contradictory portrait of the era.


Along with my regular co-author and playwright Ronan Chenault, we do not work with the finished piece, which we once wrote, but with the text, which we create together with the actors directly during the working process. One can call it ‘live dramaturgy’.

It was my first time when I met the actors of Studio Seven. They strongly impressed me: not only that they are able to produce the text, they are able to exist onstage, sing, dance – they are able to do everything. With their physical abilities they perfectly fit the work, that I am used to in France – the work on synthesis of the theatre arts, acrobatics, video. 

Our play is about the current, about the contemporary, it is the existence ‘here and now’; these nine actors seem to have embodied Ronan Sheno’s texts. Especially that the play is set in a very intimate space – the space of a bathroom. Here you can easily plunge into your own thoughts, but at the same time you can hear the echo of the whole world.

We hear the words about the good side, but which is more important, about the awful side of this world. This text is about the young generation, about its existence in this world, about the difficulties of this existence, about the difficulties in interacting with the world and their impact on the world.

David Bobee 


Author Ronan Sheno
Director David Bobée

Assistant director: Ilya Shagalov
Translation: Dmitry Rumyantsev, Rimma Genkina
Lighting design: Lena Perelman
Assistant director: Anastasia Uvarkova
Executive producers: Ekaterina Voronova, Galarina Dologovykh
Assistant executive producer: Susanna Akezheva