• Duration: 2:40
  • Intermissions: 1
  • Age category: 18+
  • In the repertoire

Based on play by Lars Nuren

The action takes place in 1982 in an apartment in the city. On stage, there are four people in their forties, two married couples living in the same apartment building. The facade of affluent bourgeois familty life conceals the burden of mutual irritation, trauma and sexual obsessions. Small accident. is very mild euphemism for the sweeping conflict which the acting quartet gets involved in.
The play of a Swedish playwright Lars Nurena, will be staged, fearlessly and with a large dose of absurdist humor that takes us up along the slippery steps of married life, at the "Gogol center" by a young Latvian theatre star Elmārs Senkovs. His .Antigone., staged in Riga, was the sensation of the .Baltic House-2016. festival. A deep dive into the text and subtle psychologism that Senkov prefers to catchy external effects, is his hallmark. He is able to turn a story about relationship into a real thriller, though there are no maniacs on stage, only our friends and neighbors.


Stage director: Elmars Senkovs