The Brothers

  • Duration: 2:00
  • Intermissions: Without intermissions
  • Age category: 18+
  • In the repertoire

“Mizgirev and Durnenkov have made a clear statement about the nature of behavior of people who’ve found themselves in the tough circumstances of Moscow life <…>. In Visconti’s movie, one of the characters worked at “Alfa Romeo” factory and dreamed one day our world would be changed. Mizgirev and Durnenkov don’t make any pleasant predictions – all the positive moments have gone away with the childhood. There is just one moment that remains untouched – the fidelity. The heroes are ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of it”.

Christina Matvienko,

“”Rocco and brothers” from Italy of the 1950s were evolved into “The Brothers” from contemporary Moscow, and were settled into the space of a fighting ring. The mixed martial arts becomes the only source of survival in the big city. They try to withstand, beating their own “pillars” to the Moscow soil – one for each of them. Blood, strength, pain, law”.

Tatiana Vlasova, “Teatral”

The theatre debut of a well-known Russian cinema director Alexei Mizgirev. The performance is based on the film Rocco and brothers by Luchino Visconti, and is a part of Gogol Center’s trilogy based on the famous European films, together with The Idiots by Kirill Serebrennikov (after the movie by Lars von Trier) and Fear by Vladislav Nastavshev (made after Fear eats the soul by Reiner Werner Fassbinder). The movie tells a story of the ordeals by a poor Italian family moving to Milan from the Southern provinces, a story of killings, jealousy, love, hatred and what not.

Alexei Mizgirev and playwright Mikhail Durnenkov don't just put the plot into the setting of nowadays Moscow, but also make this story even more brutal. Visconti’s characters come to Milan with their mother – Mizgirev’s characters try to ‘conquer’ Moscow by themselves, without any support, and boxing is replaced by Ultimate fighting. However, the message is quite the same: the big city absorbs all new-comers leaving them no chance to survive.

The stage looks like a ring for mixed martial arts and a karaoke bar at the same time. The fights are tremendously realistic - the actors were specially trained by the professional stuntmen while rehearsing the piece. Mizgirev's Moscow is a city where the cruelty of bloody wrestling merges with the gloss and a hint of glamour, where everybody deceives, betrays and kills to the accompaniment of the Russian pop songs.

The four brothers from a provincial town become the victims of the big city temptations; they lose each other and finally rest alone.



Author Mikhail Durnenkov
Director Alexey Mizgirev

Lighting design: Ivan Vinogradov  
Sound producer: Evgeny Kuznetsov
Video design: Ilya Shagalov  
Fight direction: Sergei Dorofeev
Make-up: Andrey Danzig
Property: Evgenya Do
Music: Roman Shmakov, Alexander Fedosyuk, Stanislav Svintsov
Executive producer: Daria Koval 


KazanIvan Fominov
ObmylokOleg Zagorodniy
HobbitRoman Shmakov
NinaYana Irteneva
MissisIrina Vibornova
NadyaVictoria Isakova
Owner Sergey Muraviev
Mate 1Sergey Galakhov
Mate 1 Mikhail Troynik
Mate 2 Mikhail Troynik

Mate 2: Sergey Savluk
Daddy: Sergey Dorofeev 
Tatar: Boris Zverev
Fighter: Demichuk Yuriy / Panov Dmitriy