Victor Erofeyev

Victor Erofeyev
  • Full name: Victor Erofeyev

Born 43 years before the collapse of the USSR, Victor Erofeyev became one of the most anti-soviet writers. A publication of his essay “Marquis de Sade: sadism and the XXth century” brought him fame. In 1979, he produced a scandalous literary almanac, “Metropol”, in which many important Soviet writers participated. The almanac was put into circulation via samizdat, to avoid the Soviet censorship. As a result, Erofeyev was expelled from the Union of Soviet Writers and was banned from publishing until 1988; also, for the same reason, his father who was a high-rank diplomat lost his job.

Erofeyev’s most popular novel is “Russian Beauty”, but also among his most remarkable works are the following: the autobiographical novel “The Good Stalin”, the novels “Life with an Idiot” which was turned into an opera by a famous composer Alfred Shnitke and "The Good Stalin". Almost each his book provokes scandals and heated debates. This happened also with “Encyclopaedia of the Russian Soul” released in 1999, which represents the most critical opinion of the Russian people since Chaadayev.

Besides his literature activities, Victor Erofeyev frequently appears on Russian television and radio, where, until recent time, he has had his own programs.

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