Mikhail Durnenkov

Mikhail Durnenkov
  • Full name: Mikhail Durnenkov

He was born in the town of Tynda (Amur district) in 1978. In 1995, he moved to Togliatti, where he became one of the founders of the Togliatti New Drama School. Without this movement, it would be quite impossible to imagine the Russian drama of several last decades. Besides being a playwright, he used to work as a watchman, plumber, theatre director, actor, engineer, television journalist and presenter. This rich life experience lets Durnenkov write easily about all kinds of characters, ranging from Stanislavsky himself to workers, who call the spirit of a Blue Plumber, and the explorers of the North pole from a famous coffee commercial.

Durnenkov’s most popular plays are: “Nature reserve”, “The simple(st) way to give up smoking”, “The cultural Stratum”, “Junk”. Some of them were written in collaboration with his brother, Vyacheslav, who is also one of the most important Russian playwrights.

In 2010, Durnenkov graduated from the Moscow University of Cinematography (class of the famous scriptwriter Yury Arabov). Since then, he has been actively working in cinema, and he even worked as an actor once – in Kirill Makarenkov and Andrey Kiyanits’ film “The Black Salt”.

Durnenkov’s plays are staged not only everywhere throughout Russia but also in Europe. He participated and became laureate in a variety of workshops and festivals.

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