Marius von Mayenburg

Marius von Mayenburg
  • Full name: Marius von Mayenburg
  • Graduation:

    Since 1994 to 1998 studied dramaturgy in Berlin High School.

Born in 1972 in Munich. In 1992 moved to Berlin, where since 1994 to 1998 studied dramaturgy in Berlin High School. In 1995 he was trained in Munich Kammerspiele theatre, and a year after he joined theatre Die Barakke.

In 1999 the artistic director of Berlin Schaubühne Thomas Ostermeier invited Mayenburg as a full-time playwright to his theatre, where he has been working until now. Mayenburg became a permanent co-author of Ostermeier, who, even when working with the classical literature, bases his performances on the contemporary adaptation. In Schaubühne repertoire there are Ostermeier’s performances based on the plays by Shakespeare, Ibsen, Buchner and other authors adapted by Mayenburg. In the recent years Mayenburg has often been a director of his own performances, including the performance based on play Martyr.

Among the most prominent plays by the playwright there are Fireface, The Cold Child, The Stone, Haarman, The Dog, the Night and the Knife, Monster-Twilight, Psychopaths, Parasites, Eldorado.

Laureate of the Young Playwrights Award by Henrich von Kleist in 1997 for the play Fireface and the Award of the Heidelberg Art Fair in 1998. Mayenburg’s plays are staged in the world’s greatest theatres.

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