Denis Azarov

Denis Azarov
  • Full name: Denis Azarov

Denis Azarov is a rare director who works successfully both in theatre and opera and finds his own particular way in between these two genres. He made his first professional debut in musical theatre, but lately he is drawn more and more towards Drama. Nevertheless, all of his productions, regardless of the kind of artistic genre they belong to, exist in an ideal form which contains expression and striking effects with deep meaning, where the author’s message is clear.

Azarov started his professional work in 2005 at the theatre “New Opera“, but he quickly changed direction and started working at the Badisches Staatstheater of Karlsruhe, where Azarov completed an internship as a director. In 2007, Azarov founded an opera studio under the name “The Moscow Youth Opera House”, where he directed “The Journey to Reims” by Rossini, “The Triptich” based on the works of Schumann, Brahms and Klara Wieck, “Lensky” based on Pushkin’s works and ballads by Russian composers, “Aleko” by Rakhmaninov, and others. Since 2010, he has been the permanent director for the Moscow Chamber Musical Theatre (Pokrovsky Opera).

At the same time, Azarov is finishing his theatre director classes at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts, where during his studies he directed “Eugene Onegin” and “Iolanta” by Tchaikovsky in Kislovodsk, “Il Campanello” by Donizetti in Kavminvody, “The Fair at Sorochinsi” by Mussorgsky at the theatre “Russian Opera” in Moscow, “The Village of Stepanchikovo” by Dostoevsky in Sarov. Azarov also worked as a director’s assistant on “The Golden Cockerel” at the Bolshoy Theatre and “American Lulu” by O. Neuwert in Berlin. Kirill Serebrennikov was the director of the both productions.

Denis Azarov’s works were shown at the festivals: “Caracters”, organized by the Moscow theatre “The School of Contemporary Play”, “Transformation” (Yaroslavl), “December evenings” (Sarov), “ Oldenburger Promenade” (Oldenburg, Germany), “Durence Luberon Festival” (France).
In 2012 he directed the "Christmas at Ivanovs" by Alexei Vvevedensky at the Gogol Center - it was the first full version of this famous absurdist play shown in Moscow.
Among his other works are "Viy" at the Playwright and Directing Center and "Public readings" in the project "The Open Stage".

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