David Bobée

David Bobée
  • Full name: David Bobée

David Bobée was born in 1978. He studied cinema and theatre at the University of Caen. In 1999 he directed his first production “Je t’a(b)îme” (“I love/destroy you”) and founded the theatre company “Rictus”. Since then, he has created more than 15 shows: “Res / Persona“, “The little brother“, “Cannibals”, “Our children scare us when we see them on the street”, “This is the end” etc. Many of them were created with his permanent co-author, playwright Renan Chéneau. 

David Bobée’s works combine various types of Arts; in his performances theatre actors can easily co-exist with circus acrobats and congolese dancers. He starts each production from a blank page, and he composes texts together with his actors. He gives absolute freedom to his artists and creates compound performances in which complex technologies are inseparable from the powerful inner energy of the actors. 
Kirill Serebrennikov wanted his students to meet a European director who would demand everything that their unique contemporary Arts curriculum provided for them. That is how “The Fairies” appeared on the small stage of the Moscow Art Theatre. The meeting of Bobée with the actors of “The Studio 7” turned out to be so successful that this collaboration continued on with a new project – the play “Metamorphoses”, and later with “Hamlet“ in Gogol Center.

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